Estate administration and applying for Probate

  • If you have been named as the executor of a will or estate it is important to know what your duties and responsibilities are.
  • A Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court are required before an executor can deal with a deceased person's assets.  There are some exceptions to this if an estate is small or comprises mainly jointly owned assets.  
  • There is a formal process for applying for Probate or Letters of Administration and the rules of the Court must be followed.  We are experienced in the preparation and filing of the documents required in any application. 
  • During the administration of an estate the role of an executor includes calling in the assets of the deceased person and distributing those assets in accordance with the person’s will or the rules of succession.
  • The executor must ensure all debts and liabilities are paid from the estate prior to distribution and may be required to submit estate accounts.  
  • The administration of an estate can become complex when assets are difficult to value, documents have been lost or beneficiaries are missing.  We can advise and assist executors in their role to ensure a smooth and timely administration.
  • Please Contact us to discuss any concerns or questions you have about an application for Probate or the administration of an estate.


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